1. Relentless

From the recording First Blood

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(1st verse)
Move out of the fucking way, crushing those in our path
Not giving up, until you hear our battle cry
our mission is our destiny, bruised and bleeding,
focused, and never, ever, give up on the fightttttttt

Relentless! The target is in our gun sights
Relentless! Eradicate the darkness of this blight
Relentless! Doesn't matter if its day or fucking night
Relentless! focused, and grinding out this fight!

(2nd verse)
We know the fight is headed our way
Conquering with all our might!
together, hunkered down, and face it on the battleground.
lifting others along the way, no one will be left astray.
showing the world that we are here to stay!


(3rd verse)
You never were in this fight, couldn't understand our plight!
Battle every round, until till the very end!
And on that day , we will hold this ground ,laughing cheering
With our mother fucking black tooth grins!