"They just COOK with raw metal which is why they are loved"” - Jacqui Raven

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VeiN is a band that incorporates all different styles of metal in their music.  We create and play whatever the song needs,from a slow clean guitar melody, with vocals that express what we want to say and how we want to say it, to screaming guitars, pounding drums, grooving basse, with vocals to match the intensity of the song.  Each song is an experience in itself within the metal  genre.   Bottom line we each love music and love all type of metal.  Each members brings those loves and influences to our songs. Jump in, hold on, and  enjoy the ride with us!  Its sure to take you places you didn't know you needed to go!

First Blood EP is available on all streaming services

Band Photos

First show at Amplified Live

This is VeiN

From left to right

- Chris - Sean - Hunter - Hef -


Playing a local show

First Blood EP Released Sept 8th

Relentless Lyric Video

Music Video of All of Me

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